Cafe Terrace at Night

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Vincent t Van Gogh painted in genre which is what is now called Post-Impressionism. Post-Impressionism became known for their focus on a more universal vision for art. Post-Impression denounced empiricism that Realists and Impressionist focused on in the generations that … Continue reading


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        The Annunciation by Federico Barocci is oil on canvas painting from the late Italian High Renaissance and early Baroque time periods. This piece is located in a cathedral named Santa Maria degli Angeli, Perugia, Italy. Barocci is an Italian … Continue reading

A Daring Challenge

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The French kings, especially Louis XV and Louis XVI, were known for their outlandish extravagance and their fairytale-esque view on life. Enough physical evidence of this can be found in Versailles alone; however, architecture was not the only art form … Continue reading


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[1] In 2009 an artist named Heike Weber laid a thick coat of white acrylic paint over the bedroom walls of an apartment in Neumünster Germany. On the floors she installed bright white vinyl flooring. She had created her canvas … Continue reading

Ever Is Over All

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Pipilotti Rist (b. 1962) studied graphic design at the Vienna Institute of the Applied Arts. After completing her undergraduate degree in 1986, Rist was convinced she wanted to work with moving images.[1]  She then returned to her homeland of Switzerland where … Continue reading

Daedalus Attaching Wings to Icarus

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The mid- eighteenth century was a time of great change for the Western age, bringing revolutions and new world and political views that would lead to the beginning of modern culture. One of the greatest forces behind these sudden changes … Continue reading